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24/7 Homecare services for the aged (live-in)

Live-in care is a 24-hours services that focuses on keeping the client in their home. With this type of service, we give out two (2) nurses or caregivers. Nurse A is place in the clients’ home 24hours for maximum of two (2) weeks while he/she provides the care, Nurse B then comes for orientation and takes up from Nurse A and Vice Versa.

12/8-hours Homecare service (live-out).

Live-out care refers to the daily care provided by our nurse or caregiver who lives near to the clients’ home and work to promote independent living similar to that of the live-in but with this the nurse doesn’t live-in with the client.

Nanny Service

We provide childcare for one or more children in the parent’s home. Our nannies can live-in with the family or live-out. We also provide night nannies who provide care for newly born babies during the night. Most parents who are quite busy due to non-flexible schedules and other matters, at Silver line, we offer the best when it comes to nanny/pediatric services. It all depends on how you want it and we deliver.

Hospital Reviews

Are your schedules tight? Are you thinking of how to take your love one to the hospital for review? Worry not, at Silver Line, our professionals assist your love one to their hospitals for reviews whether or not their relatives are available. This also help us to know if our client or your love one’s health is improving.

Post-Operative/ post – Surgery care

We deliver this type of care after a surgical procedure and it also depends on the type of surgery your love one or relative has under gone as well as his/her health history.

Therapeutic services.

This is where our consultant provides the treatment to relieve or heal a disorder or the treatment of mental conditions by verbal communication and interaction.

Nutritional services.

The foundation of your health journey begins on your plate whether you are eating to fight a disease or to stay healthy. Our nutritionist is here to help you eat well relating to the required nutrient you need for growth and repair, helping you to stay strong, healthy and help prevent diet-related illness.

Dementia care

A person with dementia or memory loss as a result of aging or any other factor need more care and support as their symptoms get worse over time. We are here to help you or your love one get the appropriate care they need. Our nurses are equipped for this care.

Administration of medication(IVs IMs Orals etc)

Our professionals and caregivers are well trained in order to administer medication being it orals, IMs, IVs, subcutaneous etc and also knowing the “THE FIVE RIGHT” when they administering medications.

Catheterization & Catheter care.

The urinary system is very vital. As part of our services, our well trained nurses attend to such call. We come and care for your love one’s catheter or re-insert a fresh one to prevent infections.

Aseptic wound care.

We also provide treatment for wound, being it diabetic or accidental cause using Aseptic technique in order to avoid introducing infection into the wound.

Other Services

Massage/Yoga Services.

Yoga massage is a full body massage with yoga stretches incorporated. It is tailored to your body needs. This means, we only do what your body can take or allow. It is a therapeutic full body, massage that relaxes your muscle, enhance circulation and detoxifies the body. This type of massage is for everyone, if you are looking for a healthy way to relax and release tension, then book us now!

Ambulance Service

We also provide ambulance service for your urgent and emergency cases.

House keeping

We have personnel who are ready to manage your duties and chores which involve in the running of households, such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping, bill payment and washing. Let help sparkle your home. Why wait?